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Moduł LED 50x7mm, CEVILED – L145, CC max. 1200mA

Ilość LED 9 CW + 9 WW
Rozmiar 50x7 mm
Typ zasilacza Constant Current (CC)
Maksymalny prąd wejściowy 1200 mA
Kąt widzenia 120o
Grubość materiału 0,8 mm
Połączenie przewodowe Solder pads
Maksymalna temperatura otoczenia 45oC
CRI >80
Status ProduktuNie Do Nowych Projektów
  Input Current [mA] Forward Voltage [V] Power [W] CCT [K] Typ. CRI Luminous Flux* [lm] Module Efficacy* [lm/W] Luminous Flux** [lm] Module Efficacy** [lm/W] Article Number
CEVILED - L145 500 9,6 4,8 2700-5000 82 599 125 579 121 CL-050007-8DW-C1200-L145
2700-4000 92 545 114 526 110 CL-050007-9DW-C1200-L145
700 10,2 7,1 2700-5000 82 788 111 762 107 CL-050007-8DW-C1200-L145
2700-4000 92 718 101 693 97 CL-050007-9DW-C1200-L145

*    - Parameters were calculated for temperatures TJ= 25°C

**  - Parameters were calculated for temperatures TJ= 65°C

Parameters shown in table are temperature dependent and can be different during long time of operation.

Value of these parameters were calculated for default bin and with tolerances of 15%.

Please contact us before ordering for more information.


Power LED module is an advanced light source designed for the best energy efficient and eco-friendly indoor lighting. It is based on medium power LEDs produced by the leader of the LED technology OSRAM. Using newest technology we provide the best solution for lighting. With a very high value of CRI and simple installation. Connecting few LED modules allows to create complex lighting. Solder pads provide quick installation of the entire lighting system. This solution is the best for indoor ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted luminaries.


  • Ideal for ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted luminaries
  • Retrofits and fixtures
  • Accent and Effect Lighting
  • Professional downlights
  • Shop lighting


LEDs have significant advantages compared to other types of lighting and are easy to use. LEDs are versatile and virtually maintenance free.


  • Efficiency of the module up to 125 lm/W
  • Rigid board LED module
  • High colour rendering index CRI >80
  • Small colour tolerance
  • Small luminous flux tolerances
  • Colour temperatures 2700K ÷ 5000K
  • Solder pads for quick and simple wiring
  • Dimmable
  • Tuneable CCT
  • Simple installation
  • Long lifetime