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Moduł LED GrowEmity 2x2MX MONO - K190

LED Quantity 16_WHITE
Size 70x70 mm
Power Supply Type Constant Current (CC)
Max Input Current 1300 mA
Material Thickness 1,5 mm
Max Ambient Temperature 45oC
CRI >70
  Input Current [mA] Forward Voltage [V] Power [W] Colour CCT [K] Luminous Flux [lm] PPF [μmol/s] PPF/W [μmol/J] Article Number


2x2MX MONO-K190

350 44,0 15,4 WHITE 5000 2366 31,36 2,04 Q0-070070-MONO-C1300-K190
500 45,6 22,8 WHITE 5000 3242 41,92 1,84 Q0-070070-MONO-C1300-K190
700 47,2 33,0 WHITE 5000 4260 54,40 1,65 Q0-070070-MONO-C1300-K190
800 47,7 38,1 WHITE 5000 4685 59,84 1,57 Q0-070070-MONO-C1300-K190

Parameters were calculated for temperatures TJ= 25°C

Value of these parameters were calculated for default bin and with tolerances of 15%.

Please contact us before ordering for more information.


GrowEmity LED light source allows to accelerate plant grow and increase harvest. It is even possible to regulates plant grow and bloom time. Unlike any other kind of artificial light sources, LED light sources have specially matched spectrum for specific plants. LEDs are fully controllable, so it is possible to change spectrum with just couple of different LEDs. This increases efficiency of horticulture and planning harvest. Additionally LEDs may generate more light and less heat then sodium lamp, allow to light up side or bottom of plants. LED light sources are used in artificial plantation without daylight, so plants may be breeding almost everywhere.


  • Ogrodnictwo
  • Dedykowane aplikacje

Przykładowe rozwiązanie


  • Przyspieszenie wzrostu roślin
  • Zwiększenie plonów
  • Kontrola wzrostu roślin
  • Dostępne inne rodzaje diod LED
  • Złącze ułatwiające instalacje


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